Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Pastor's Wife: Assumptions!

The purpose of The Pastor's Wife blog is to encourage and be of service in word to every Pastor's wife.  It is to give understanding that being married to a Pastor is not a job as some may view it to be,  but it is most certainly a calling 📢 from God!🤔

It is hopefully a guide to every woman preparing or intending to marry 💍 a Pastor.

My name is Lynne Wareley and I am a Pastor's wife for 22 years. My husband's name is Bradley Wareley. We are the Pastoral couple at The Full Gospel Church, Cape Town, South Africa.
We have known each other for 27 years, and we saw each other everyday (hint..hint..and that wasn't easy).

As you  👀 through a 🔎, the closer you get, the more clear and bigger the picture, but not to close though, otherwise the picture will be distorted.

It is often said or assumed that a Pastor's wife is aloof. But, that is far from the truth.  The perception of who you think she is, is from an uninformed basis. Just ask the Pastor's wife, she won't fake it! If you still think she fakes, go figure it out and I hope you make it, so that you can relate.


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  2. Hi Lynne thank you for sharing

  3. It's awesome you doing this Lynne! Sadly there are many misconceptions and this will help the Body of Christ to understand. And in order to understand it takes a brave woman of God like you to be vulnerable! Trusting with you that this is going to touch many lives! God bless you special lady! Love Angie xxx

  4. Glad for ths post.. A Pastors wife..lonely life because of assumptions.. My advice..stick the faithful few. They have ur back in prayer and commitmemt to God's work.
    They dnt seek fame or a pat on the back..
    they just seek Honouring God's work.


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