Friday, March 8, 2019

Think YOU! On this International Womens Day

The Pastor's Wife: Think YOU! on this International Womens Day

Yes, Think You!  Don't you dare give yourself a second thought. You have given so much of yourself to family, friends, colleagues etc. Its time to Think of YOU!  There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first for a change and just letting go of everyone else's stuff.

You are not being s.e.l.f.i.s.h.  You are just paying attention to s.e.l.f. Go for it!

Take a Walk...
Have a Cup of Tea for One - that's you...
Eat a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch and supper - Yippee hooray for YOU!

Have a  Think YOU... day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Pastor's Wife:The Power of the front row seat!

Its somehow become an expectation that the Pastor's Wife always sits in the power of the front row seat. The power of the front row seat should not be underestimated as just a seat in the front row.  It comes with many advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage is, it gives you accessibility to things  compared to someone else that will never have the opportunity to sit in the power of the front row seat.  It takes a special person who has a calling upon her life to sit in this powerful front row seat.  A Pastor's Wife understands and works within that accountability and power of the front row seat. It is indeed not easy to sit in the front row seat.

You are welcome to share your thoughts of what kinds of accessibility there is!

Be blessed!

Lynne Johnson Wareley
(a pastor's wife sitting in the power of the front row seat!)

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