Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Pastor's Wife: A Special Anointing

There is a special anointing on a Pastor's Wife.  This anointing is not only for her to live out or to map out her own path of ministry that God has ordained for her, but its also to help to uphold the calling on her husband's life.  She has been blessed with the ability of staying power.  In other words, she has the ability of stamina to maintain an activity or commitment despite fatigue or difficulty.

Many don't realise that by the time her husband ministers the gospel to God's people, she has already fulfilled her role by praying, encouraging and inspiring her husband to minister.  So, therefore, the special anointing which enables the gift of blessings to flow from her is firstly found in the Pastor's Wife.

Stay blessed!


  1. A Pastor's Wife sacrifices are the same as her partner. They go thru the same sacrifices, the same commitment and dedication for The Lord. They both earn the resoect they should receive frm the congregation. Its a Work for G*d for the Souls sake.

  2. I think Pastors wife needs the same respect as her Husband. She and the family (if ther children) ar the one's carrying him thru emotionally thru the week of preparation to the Sunday meeting.


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